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Romantic Movies and Real Life

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ID: 2003 Upper Intermediate
We all love a romantic chick-flick every now and then, but for some women it becomes a problem: they expect every man to live up to their Ryan Gosling/ Zhou Yumin/Seth Rogen-sized expectations, and it sometimes grates on their partners. In today's upper-intermediate lesson, learn all about to discuss Cheesy-Movie-Relationship-Damaging Syndrome (OK, we made that up) in Chinese.
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chèn to take advantage of (conditions or an opportunity)
打吊瓶 dǎdiàopíng IV drip
diàn to place under, to cushion
热水袋 rèshuǐdài hot water bottle
hèng !
lǎopó zěnme shēngqì le ?chèn rè hēzhōu ba 。
Why are you upset, dear? Eat the porridge while it's hot.
wǒ shēngbìng nǐ yě bù hǎohāo zhàogu wǒ 。wǒ xiǎng chī zhōu nǐ yě bù gěi wǒ zhǔ ,wǒ bù yào chī mǎi de !bù gānjìng bù wèishēng !
I'm sick and you don't even take good care of me. When I want to eat porridge you won't even make it for me. I don't want to eat store-bought porridge; it's dirty and unsanitary!
wǒ zhè bùshì máng ma ,huílai zài zhǔ jiù bù zǎo le 。
Don't you know I'm busy? If I came back and cooked it it'd take ages.
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