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River Town Tourism

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ID: 1567 Upper Intermediate
For all those tourists who have showed up in China dismayed at the modern economies and booming metropolises, the tourism industry has an answer, and that answer is the Chinese river towns. The old-style housing, traditional eats, and arts and crafts will charm Chinese and foreigners alike.
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老板娘 lǎobǎnniáng female boss
家庭旅馆 jiātíng lǚguǎn guesthouse
条件 tiáojiàn condition
设施 shèshī facilities
lǎobǎnniáng ,zǎo !
Good morning, ma'am!
zǎo !zuówǎn shuì de hǎo ba ?
Morning! Did you sleep well last night?
tǐng hǎo de 。wǒ yuánlái hái yǐwéi jiātíng lǚguǎn de tiáojiàn bǐjiào chà ,méixiǎngdào zhème shūfu 。
Really well. I always thought that the conditions in guesthouses were quite poor. I didn't realize it would be so comfortable.
zhèjǐnián zhèn shàng de yóukè yuèláiyuè duō le ,wǒmen de fúwù hé shèshī yě děi gēn shàngqu 。
There have been more and more tourists these past few years. Our services and facilities have to keep up.
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