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Right Away Your Highness

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ID: 2915 Intermediate
If you've been working all day, the last thing you want to come home to find is your partner kicking back watching television on the sofa when there are chores to be done and food to prepared. Listen to this argument between a couple, and how the man savvily uses some classical Chinese forms of address to try and make peace with his wife by calling here an Empress! Photo by shadowhound
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烧水 shāoshuǐ to boil water
沙发 shāfā sofa
xiē to rest
一会儿 yīhuǐr a while
huídàojiā yě bù bāngmáng xǐ gè cài 、shāo gè shuǐ ,jiù zhīdào tǎng zài shāfā shàng kàn diànshì !
You got home and didn't help washing the vegetables or boiling water. I knew you'd be lying on the sofa watching television!
qīn ài de ,wǒ dōu máng le yītiān le ,nǐ jiù ràng wǒ xiē yīhuǐr bei 。
Darling, I've been so busy all day, just let me rest for a minute.
ò ,jiù zhǐyǒu nǐ shàngbān ,jiù zhǐyǒu nǐ lèi ,wǒ jiù bù lèi ā ?
Oh, it's only you who has to work, it's only you who is tired, I'm not tired, am I?
āiyā ,lái lái lái ,hǎo lǎopó ,wǒ bāng nǐ ànmó ànmó ,nǐ jiù ràng wǒ jìng yī jìng bei 。
Oh no, come, come, my darling wife, if I give you a massage, will you leave me in peace for a while.
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