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Ridiculously Small Clothing!

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ID: 4020 Upper Intermediate
Have you ever been shopping and felt that all the clothing is designed for stick-thin models who are size zero!? A brother and sister discuss the changing tastes of aesthetics throughout the ages, from the "plump" beauties of the Tang Dynasty to the "A4-waisted" girls of today's social media. For a related lesson click here: Do you Have an A4 Waist.
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零码 língmǎ one size
nào to make a big fuss; to stage
排骨精 páigǔjīng skin and bones (of a woman)
活路 huólù a way out
zhè yīfu dōu shèjì chéng língmǎ shēncái shì nào nǎ yàng ā ?xiànzài shì zěnyàng ā ,chúle páigǔjīng shì bù gěi qítā rén huólù la ?
What is this clothing all designed for size zero all about? What's up with that? Who else can wear it except for stick figure girls?
jiějie 、jiějie ,nín xiāoxiao qì ,zá bié hé zhè shēn yīfu zhìqì ā ,bùzhídāng 、bùzhídāng 。
Girl, don't get so worked up, let's not get annoyed at an outfit. It's not worth it, it's not worth it.
hèng ,zá Zhōngguó sì dà měirénr lǐmiàn ,dàjiā shǒuxiān xiǎngdào de bù jiùshì Yáng Guìfēi ,qiáo nà fēngyú de shēnduàn 、yínpánr shìde bǎomǎn liǎnpáng ,shìwèn rénshìjiān háiyǒu bǐ zhè gèng měihǎo de ma ?
Hmmph, among the four legendary Chinese beauties, doesn't everyone always think of Yang Guifei. Looking at her full-bodied figure, and her full face like a silver plate, one might well ask, is there anyone more beautiful in the mortal world?
duìduìduì ,nǐ jiù xiàng nà Tángcháo guìfēi ,kěshì zhēn zhēnr de měirénr ne ,xiànzài zhè dōu shì shénme shěnměi ā ?shénme À yāo ā ,píngguǒ 4 tuǐ de ,zài zhème zhēteng xiàqu gāncuì è sǐ dé le ,yīliǎobǎiliǎo 。
Yes, yes. You're like a Tang Dynasty imperial concubine, a real beauty. What kind of aesthetic is there around nowadays? With the waist only as wide as an A4 sheet of paper, and legs as thin as the iPhone 4. If we keep on torturing each other like this, we may as well just starve to death and be done with it.
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