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Resisting Relocation

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ID: 0531 Upper Intermediate
It's been a bad day: a misfiled report at work, a burgeoning head cold, and a drawn out fight with the missus that ended only when the phone line went dead (thank heavens.) You arrive home, eager to forget your troubles with a luke-warm bottle of beer. And that's when you discover that your home no longer exists per se, although they might keep the outer wall as a support strut for the new Olympic-themed Shenzhen-Guilin railway overpass. Turns out you're being relocated. Too bad you didn't listen to this podcast in Mandarin Chinese months ago, so you could have made more sense of that relocation notice.
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拆迁 chāiqiān to demolish a building and relocate the residents
居委会 jūwěihuì neighborhood committee
动工 dònggōng to begin construction
老一套 lǎoyītào same old story
āi ,zhèr5 zhōngyú yào chāiqiān le 。jūwěihuì de rén zhǎo nǐ tán le ma ?
Ah, they're finally tearing down our building and relocating us. Did someone from the neighborhood committee have a talk with you?
zhǎo le 。shuō gāosùgōnglù mǎshàng jiù yào dònggōng le ,ràng wǒmen pèihé gōngzuò 。tāmen zěnme gēn nǐ tán de ?
Yeah. He said they're about to begin work on the new expressway and they need us to cooperate. What did they say to you?
hái bù jiùshì lǎoyītào 。ànzhào hùkǒu 、miànji gěi fángzi 。hái yǒu yībùfèn jīngjì bǔcháng 。wǒ zhù le yībèizi pò fángzi ,zǒngsuàn kěyǐ gǎishàn yīxià le 。
What else? Just the same old thing. They'll give us homes depending on registries and area. And there's some economic compensation. I've lived in a run-down place my whole life, and now I can finally improve that.
nǐ zhǔnbèi jiù zhème bān le ?
So you're going to move just like that?
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