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Reporting a Missing Credit Card

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ID: 2857 Intermediate
Have you ever lost your card or had it stolen? If it occurred in a foreign country, you could find yourself struggling to explain what happened. After listening to this class, you'll know what to say as well as learn lots of formal language you might hear over the phone, especially when talking with your bank. Photo by David Holt
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身份 shēnfèn identity
资料 zīliào materials
measure word
大概 dàgài probably
Lǐ xiānsheng nínhǎo ,gāngcái nín shuō yào guàshī xìnyòngkǎ ,duì ma ?
Hello Mr Li, you were just saying you wanted to register your credit card missing, correct?
duì 。
hǎo de ,nín de shēnfèn zīliào dōu zhèngquè ,qǐngwèn ,nín jìde shàng yī bǐ shuā kǎ de dìdiǎn gēn jīn\'é ma ?
OK, your identification details are all correct. Can I ask, do you remember the last place you used your card and the amount?
jìde ,wǒ zuótiān cái shuā de ,wǎnshang liù diǎn duō ,zài Wòěrmǎ shuā le yīqiān duō kuài 。
I remember I used it just yesterday at just after six in the evening at Walmart for a total of just over RMB1000.
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