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Renting an Apartment through an Agent 4

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ID: 1526 Intermediate
After being shown multiple apartments by an agent and dealing with all kinds of grumpy potential landlords, the time has finally come to sign that lease. In this lesson, learn about the payment methods and contracts you'll be dealing with when renting a mainland Chinese apartment.
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租金 zūjīn rent
to pay
to put down a deposit
押金 yājīn deposit
zūjīn shì měi ge yuè wǔ qiān ,fù sān yā yī 。yājīn yǐhòu huì huángěi nǐ de 。
The rent is 5,000 a month and you'll need to pay 3 months up front with a 1 month deposit. The deposit will be given back to you later.
wǒ qiān yī nián ,piányi diǎnr ba 。
I'll sign one year. Could you go a little cheaper?
wǒ zhè fángzi hěn hǎo zū de 。zhèyàng ba ,wǒ kàn nǐ rén mán lǎoshi de ,sìqiān bā ,xíng jiù xíng ,bù xíng jiù suàn le 。
This apartments is really easy to rent out. How about this: I can see you're a pretty honest guy - 4,800. If that's acceptable, then fine. If not, then just forget it.
hǎo ba !duì le ,nàxiē fèiyòng zěnme jiāo a ?
OK! Oh yeah, how will the bills be paid?
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