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Renting an Apartment through an Agent, 2

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ID: 1477 Intermediate
So you've found your agent, and the agent knows what type of place you're looking for. Now it's time for your potential future landlord to show you around an apartment. In today's lesson, you'll learn the Chinese vocabulary for all the key rooms and furniture, as well as signs that the landlord is kind of stingy. So do you think you'll need some time to think the apartment over? Yeah, we thought so.
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客厅 kètīng living room
沙发 shāfā sofa
空调 kōngtiáo air conditioning
柜子 guìzi cabinet
Lín tàitai ,zhè shì Wú xiānsheng ,wǒ dài tā lái kàn fáng 。
Mrs. Lin, this is Mr. Wu. I brought him here to see the apartment.
ò 。qǐng jìn 。
Oh, please come in.
nǐ kàn ,jìn mén jiùshì kètīng 。diànshì ,shāfā ,kōngtiáo ,guìzi ,dōu yǒu 。
As you can see, the living room is right inside the door. There’s a TV, sofa, an air conditioner, a cabinet; everything.
ng4 。kètīng tǐng dà de 。
Yeah, the living room is quite large.
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