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Rental Boyfriend

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ID: 2349 Upper Intermediate
The pressure from parents on young Chinese people to find spouses can be severe. In fact, so much so that renting a boyfriend or girlfriend to take home for Chinese New Year has become a full-blown phenomenon. In this lesson, two friends commiserate over their “personal problem” and consider renting a prospective spouse for the holiday.
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发愁 fāchóu to worry
一年到头 yīniándàotóu an entire year
不像话 bù xiànghuà unbelieveable
个人问题 gèrénwèntí having difficulty finding a spouse
Shānshān ,guònián huíjiā ma ?
Shanshan, are you going home for New Year?
āi ,zhèng fāchóu zhè shìr5 ne !bù huí ba ,yīniándàotóu bù huíjiā kàn kan yě bù xiànghuà ;huí ba ,gèrénwèntí méi jiějué ,lǎobà lǎomā ,qīnpénghǎoyǒu fēiyào láodao sǐ wǒ 。xiǎngxiang jiù hǎo fán !
Yeah, this is really bothering me. If I don't go, then I won't have been home for a whole year and that's unacceptable. If I go, and the problem of my being single isn't resolved, my mom and dad, and all my relatives and friends are going to nag me to death. Just thinking about it is so annoying!
hāhā ,wǒ yě yīyàng 。wǒ mā zuótiān hái dǎ diànhuà shuō ne ,shuō jīnnián guònián bù dài gè xífùr huíqu ,jiù bié huíqu le 。
Haha, it's the same for me. Yesterday my mom called me and said that if I don't bring home a daughter-in-law, then I shouldn't come home.
zánliǎ zhēn shì tóngbìngxiānglián !yàome wǒmen zū ba !
So the two of us are in the same boat! Let's rent one!
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