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Relax! It's the Summer Vacation

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ID: 2904 Upper Intermediate

After working hard all semester, it can be difficult to relax. Listen as two friends discuss the upcoming summer holiday. For one of them, it is a long overdue break. For the other, it seems like they're not looking forward to it one bit. Tune in to find out why.

Photo by Nick Kenrick
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幸好 xìnghǎo fortunately
漫长 màncháng very long
盼望 pànwàng to hope for
呆着 dāizhe to space out
yē ,zhōngyú kǎo wán la !dōu kuài yào bèi kǎoshì bīfēng le ,xìnghǎo cóng míngtiān qǐ ,màncháng de shǔjià jiù kāishǐ lo !
Yay, the exams are finally over! I was almost driven crazy by exams, luckily from tomorrow on, the long summer holiday begins!
nándào nǐ jiù zhème pànwàng fàng shǔjià ma ?liǎng ge yuè de jiàqī nándào nǐ jiù yīdiǎn dōu bù juéde wúliáo ma ?
How can you be so excited by the summer holidays? Don't you feel the two month holiday is just a little boring?
zài xuéxiào dāizhe wǒ cái juéde wúliáo ne ,bùshì shàngkè jiùshì fùxí ,yàobu jiùshì pào túshūguǎn 。
I find zoning out at school more boring, when you're not in class you have to revise, or float stew in the library.
hái zhēn méi kàn chūlái nǐ jìngrán zhème yònggōng ,tīng nǐ zhème yī shuō ,wǒ dōu juéde cánkuì 。
I would never have picked you for such a hard worker. Hearing you talk like this, I feel ashamed.
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