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ID: 0822 Upper Intermediate
Your Chinese in relation to that two year old child beside you? Yeah, relativity can suck. But, we're glass-half-full people here at ChinesePod, right? You'll know more Mandarin after this lesson than you did 15 minutes ago, so take heart and listen to this podcast on the theory of relativity. And gloat where reasons for gloating can be found. Einstein couldn't speak Chinese. That two-year old can't tie his shoe. So there.
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爱因斯坦 Aìyīnsītǎn Einstein
相对论 xiāngduìlùn theory of relativity
xiè to wither
耍贫嘴 shuǎ pínzuǐ to sweet talk
nǐ zhōngyú lái le a !děng nǐ děng de huār5 dōu xiè le 。
You finally made it! I've been waiting for you forever.
zhǐ wǎn le jǐ fēnzhōng a 。
I am only a couple of minutes late.
wǒ děng nǐ de shíhou ,yī fēnzhōng jiù xiàng yī xiǎoshí ;nǐ zuò zài wǒ shēnbiān shí ,yī ge xiǎoshí jiù xiàng yī fēnzhōng 。
While I am waiting for you, one minute is like one hour. With you sitting right next to me, one hour is like one minute.
nǐ jiù ài shuǎ pínzuǐ !
You just love to smooth talk!
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