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Regional Dishes at Home

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ID: 2851 Upper Intermediate
Food glorious food! Today's lesson is about famous regional cuisines from different parts of China that you can cook in the comfort of your own home. Before, where you lived determined what food you would eat. For example, in Sichuan, they would have heavily spiced dishes. However, spices are easier to source now, so many of these regional dishes have become staples on menus across the land. While they might not be the "authentic" dish from that place, each household/restaurant will have their own special way of making it taste extra nice, bringing the regional cuisine to the home. Photo by avlxyz
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手艺 shǒuyì handiwork
特色菜 tèsècài specialty dish
酸菜魚 suāncàiyú fried fish with pickled cabbage
起码 qǐmǎ at least
chīfàn lou ,dàjiā kuài lái chángchang wǒ de shǒuyì ,jīntiān zhōngwǔ wǒmen chī Chóngqìng tèsè cài ,suāncài yú 。
Time to eat, come everyone and taste my cooking. For lunch today we're having a Chongqing specialty, fried fish with pickled cabbage.
wā ,zhème dà yī pén ,zhè tiáo yú qǐmǎ děi yǒu sān jīn zhòng ba 。wǒ tīngshuō zhèngzōng de suāncài yú jiùshì yòng zhèyàng de hēiyú zuò de 。
Wow, what a big dish. That fish must weigh at least 1.5 kg. I heard that the most faithful fried fish with pickled cabbage uses this Northern Snakehead for the fish.
shì a ,bǎ yú qiēchéng báo piàn ,zài rè yóu zhōng gǔn guò ,pèishàng suāncài 、zài jiāshang làjiāo 、huājiāo děng tiáoliào ,chī qǐlai shì yòu huá yòu shuǎngkǒu 。
Yes. You cut the fish up into thin slices, then, after frying it in boiling hot oil, you eat it along with pickled cabbage as well as adding spices, like chili peppers and Sichuan peppers. It feels slippery and fresh in your mouth.
wā ,wǒ zhīdào zhè suāncài yú kěshì Chóngqìng de tèsè cài zhīyī 。nǐmen jiāxiāng cài zhōng chúle zhè ge suāncài yú ,háiyǒu shénme tèsè cài ?
Wow, I know that fried fish with pickled cabbage is one of Chongqing's specialties. What other dishes are there from your homeplace, as well as fried fish with pickled cabbage?
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