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Rating Restaurants on Dianping

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ID: 1004 Upper Intermediate
Zagat? Fodors? Frommers? Michelin? No, no, and no. Trust the most food-centric culture there is. Every holiday, gathering, birthday, birth, death, and otherwise revolves around food, food, and food. Where could there be more expertise? Check out this lesson about the restaurant review site of China, Dianping. China's answer to prudent caloric value for the kuai.
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本帮菜 běnbāngcài Shanghainese food
排行 páiháng ranking
菜系 càixì style of cuisine
搜索 sōusuǒ search
女儿,哪里的本帮菜做得比较好? 我们老同学要聚会。
nǚ ér ,nǎli de běnbāngcài zuò de bǐjiào hǎo ? wǒmen lǎo tóngxué yào jùhuì 。
Hey, where can we get some good Shanghainese food? My old classmates and I are having a get together.
lǎobà ,nǐ shàng diǎnpíngwǎng ma 。
Dad, just check out
shénme dōngxi ?
diǎnpíngwǎng !shàngmian yǒu wǎngyǒu duì dàdàxiǎoxiǎo jǐ wàn jiā fàndiàn de diǎnpíng 。wǒ dōu shì yòng tā zhǎo fàndiàn de 。nǐ guòlai kànkan 。! The have evaluations of all kinds of restaurants, written by real people. I use it all the time. Come take a look.
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