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Pulling Out Wisdom Teeth

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ID: 2823 Intermediate
At some point in your life it's likely that you'll need to get your wisdom teeth extracted. This can be a frightening prospect, especially for those that already dislike sitting in the dentist's chair. Listen to today's lesson and learn useful dentistry related vocabulary including the words for anaesthetic. Photo Credit
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脸色 liǎnsè complexion
苍白 cāngbái pale; pallid
发生 fāshēng to happen
to pull out
nǐ zěnme liǎnsè cāngbái ,fāshēng shénme shì le ?
Why are you so pale, what's happened?
yīshēng shuō wǒ děi bá zhìchǐ ,yīnwèi wǒ de zhìchǐ hěndà ,zài bù bá huì jǐyā dào pángbiān de jiùchǐ 。
The doctor says I have to get my wisdom teeth taken out, because my wisdom teeth are very big, so if I don't get them removed they'll push on the molars beside them.
bá zhìchǐ ?wǒ liǎngnián qián bá le liǎng kē zhìchǐ ,dào xiànzài wǒ hái jìde ,zhǒng le sān tiān !
You're getting your wisdom teeth taken out? Two years ago I got two wisdom teeth removed, I still remember it now. I was swollen for three days!
ā ā ...bié zài xià wǒ le ,wǒ guāngshì xiǎngdào nàge zīzīzī de shēngyīn dōu kuài yūndǎo le 。
Ah... Don't scare me, just thinking about the bzzz sound makes me feel faint.
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