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ID: 2165 Intermediate
At subway stations all over Shanghai, one can find people waiting with signs that say 专业贴膜 (zhuānyè tiē mó), "professional membrane stickers"? What? These folks are actually there to help people put protective films on their fancy digital devices to keep them from getting scratched. Learn what it's all about in this lesson!
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迷你 mínǐ mini
适合 shìhé to be suitable
路上 lùshang on the road
无聊 wúliáo bored
nǐ de iPad mínǐ dào le ?
Has your iPad mini arrived?
ng4 。kě ài ba ?
Yeah. Cute, right?
tǐng hǎo de ,bǐ iPhone dà ,bǐ iPad xiǎo ,hěn shìhé nǚháizi wánr 。
It's great. Bigger than an iPhone and smaller than an iPad, it's suitable for a girl to use.
yǒu le tā wǒ shàngxiàbān lùshang jiù bù wúliáo le 。
Now that I have this, I won't be bored on the road to and from work.
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