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Product Localization

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ID: 1643 Upper Intermediate
So many companies dream of selling their products to China's billion consumers. But selling to China means localizing for China, and not just any product is going to sell. Listen in on the thoughts of a real marketing manager for some perspective on how it's done.
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就......而言 jiù ... éryán as for, in regards to
本土化 běntǔhuà localization
外资 wàizī foreign investment
层次 céngcì layer, level
nà jiù běntǔhuà de wèntí éryán ,nín rènwéi zhèxiē wàizī qǐyè gāi rúhé qù shíxiàn tāmen de běntǔhuà ?
Now, as for the issue of localization - how do you think foreign-owned enterprises should localize?
běntǔhuà dehuà ,wǒ juéde ne ,wǒmen kěyǐ cóng sān ge fāngmiàn lái tán zhè ge wèntí 。
I think there are three important factors involved in localization.
dì yī ge céngcì lái jiǎng ,wǒ juéde shì chǎnpǐn de běntǔhuà 。
I think the first one is the localization of products.
yīnwèi tāmen de chǎnpǐn cóng mǒuzhǒng yìyì shàng lái jiǎng ,jiù hěn duō de guójìhuà de dà de gōngsī ,tāmen de chǎnpǐn kěnéng ,bǐrú shuō tā shì Měiguó gōngsī ,nà tāmen de chǎnpǐn kěnéng gèngduō de huì cóng Měiguó de nà zhǒng xiāofèizhě de nàge lǐjiě huò zhě tāmen de xūqiú chūfā 。
Because their products, in some ways - a lot of big international companies - for example, an American company, more of their products are likely to have been made out of the understanding or needs of American consumers.
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