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Pricey Parking

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ID: 2613 Upper Intermediate
Living in a big city with a car can be both a blessing and a curse at times. Yes you have the convenience of packing your car full of shopping, or taking your kids to school, but finding reasonably priced parking can be a nightmare.
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车位 chē wèi parking space
难求 nánqiú hard to come by
yòu adds emphasis
rào to go round
zěnme zhème màn ā ?
What took you so long?
zhǎobudào chēwèi ya ,xiànzài tíngchēwèi zhēn shì “yī wèi nánqiú ”!
Couldn't find a parking space. These days parking spaces are extremely hard to come by.
fùjìn bùshì yǒu hěn duō tíngchē chǎng ?
Aren't there loads of parking lots around?
gōngyǒu tíngchē chǎng dōu tíng mǎn le ,sīrén ne ,nǐ yòu bùshì bù zhīdào ,guì sǐ le !wǒ jiù mǎn jiē rào ā rào ,rào le shíjǐ quān ,zǒngsuàn zhǎodào le yī gè lùbiān de tíngchēwèi 。
All the public parking spaces were full. The private ones, well, it's not like you don't know, they're extortionate! I had to go round and round the block. After around ten laps, I finally found a parking space by the side of the road.
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