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Preparing New Year's Dinner

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ID: 2367 Upper Intermediate
Making dinner to welcome in the Chinese New Year is no easy feat. The chef needs to prepare at least a dozen dishes, many of which have special significance. In this lesson, a mother and her daughter discuss their Chinese New Year feast and all the essential dishes.
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能干 nénggàn capable
平时 píngshí ordinarily
照顾 zhàogu to take care of
除夕 Chúxī Chinese New Year’s Eve
mā ,nǐ lái bāng wǒ kàn kan zhè ge niányèfàn de càidān yǒu wèntí ma ?
Mom, can you come help me see if there are any problems with the menu for New Year's dinner?
wǒjiā Nīni zhēn nénggàn ,dōu zìjǐ zhǔnbèi niányèfàn le 。
Our Nini is so capable. You've prepared the entire New Year's dinner yourself.
wǒ xiǎng nǐmen píngshí yīzhí zhàogu wǒmen ,Chúxī jiù wǒmen lái zhǔnbèi ba 。zhèyàng ,nǐmen hé gōnggong pópo dōu lái wǒmen jiā chīfàn ,wǒmen yī jiā rén duō rènao 。
I think that you all are always taking care of us. On New Year's Eve, we want to take care of things. This way, you and the in-laws can come to our house to eat. With our family together it will be more lively.
hǎo !ng4 ,hūn sù dōu yǒu ,tǐng fēngfù de 。zěnme méiyǒu huángdòuyá ā ?
Okay! Hmm, you've got both meat and vegetables. It's quite a lot. Why don't you have soybean sprouts?
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