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Preparing for the Ironman Race

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ID: 1911 Upper Intermediate
This lesson is for our boldest, hardiest, and most probably craziest users out there. We're listening in today as one such athlete discusses ironman triathlons in Mandarin Chinese; if you're like us, you'll probably relate much more to the astonished listener than the competitor! Learn how to talk about triathlons and the intensive preparation they require in today's upper-intermediate lesson.
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铁人三项赛 tiěrén sānxiàngsài ironman triathlon
碳水化合物 tànshuǐ huàhéwù carbohydrates
měi magnesium
粗粮 cūliáng coarse grains
Gareth ,yīqǐ chī wǔfàn ba 。
Gareth, let's have lunch.
bùliǎo 。wǒ zài zhǔnbèi tiěrén sānxiàngsài ,hěn duō dōngxi bùnéng chī 。
I can't. I'm preparing for the ironman triathlon. There's a lot of stuff that I can't eat.
āiyōu ,nǐ tài lìhai le !nà nǐ xiànzài chī shénme ?
Wow, you're really incredible! Then what do you eat now?
wǒ chī tànshuǐ huàhéwù hé měi gāo de dōngxi 、bǐrú cūliáng 、jiānguǒ háiyǒu xiāngjiāo 。
I eat foods that are high in carbohydrates and magnesium, like coarse grains, nuts and bananas.
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