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Pregnancy Series 2: Pregnancy House Ar-rest

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ID: 1081 Upper Intermediate
When you're pregnant, the baby isn't the only one who can't go anywhere or do anything. Many Chinese families put all kinds of restrictions on pregnant mothers in hopes of protecting Junior from the perils of lipstick and computer radiation. Today's lesson explores this subject, in Mandarin.
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带上 dàishang to close
看守 kānshǒu to guard
犯人 fànrén criminal
成形 chéngxíng to take form
wǒ de hǎo Xiǎofēn a ,kuài xiē zhe ,jiāwùshì bùyòng nǐ cāoxīn ,nǐ de rènwu jiùshì hǎohāo chī ,hǎohāo shuì ,gěi wǒmen Lǎo Lǐ jiā shēng ge dàpàngxiǎozi !
Dear Xiao Fen, take it easy! You don't have to worry about housework. Your responsibility is to eat and sleep well, and give the Li family a chubby little guy!
mā !nǐ jiù ràng wǒ huódòng huódong ba !wǒ tiāntiān bùshì zuò zhe jiùshì tǎng zhe ,xián dōu xián chū bìng lái le !wǒ cái huáiyùn liǎng ge yuè !
Mom! Let me do my thing! Every day, if I'm not sitting I'm laying down. I have so much free time it'll make me sick. I've only been pregnant for two months!
lǎopó ,kuài huí fángjiān xiūxi ba 。wǒ gěi nǐ chéng wǎn jītāng ,mā dùn de lǎomǔjītāng zuì hǎohē le 。
Quick, dear, go back to your room and rest. I'll ladle out a bowl of chicken soup for you. Mom makes the best chicken soup.
lǎogōng ,bǎ mén dàishang ,wǒ yǒu huà gēn nǐ shuō 。
Shut the door, honey. I have something I want to say to you.
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