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Post-Graduation Plans

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ID: 0608 Intermediate
Ah, the eternal question of what you want to be when you grow up. Said question, posed by well-meaning family members when you are in your third year of enjoying yourself loafing around Asia, starts to lose its charm. Now, if you don't want to go home, and you need a legit job to placate mom and dad, you can always adopt a Chinese uncle with 'guanxi' up his sleeve. In this podcast, listen and learn in Mandarin about post-graduation challenges in China.
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一转眼 yīzhuǎnyǎn in the blink of an eye
毕业 bìyè to graduate
出息 chūxi bright prospects
好不容易 hǎobùróngyì with great difficulty
shūshu ,nǐ lái la !
Uncle, you came!
shì a !yīzhuǎnyǎn nǐ dōu dàxué bìyè le 。zhēn yǒu chūxi !
Yep! You graduated before I knew it. Your future is bright!
āi ,hǎobùróngyì cái bìyè 。shàngxué de shíhou xiǎng gōngzuò 。xiànzài bìyè le ,yòu bù xiǎng le 。
Oh, it wasn't easy to graduate. When I was studying I wanted to work. Now that I've graduated, I don't want to.
nàshi ,zuò xuésheng shì zuì kāixīn de 。bùguò gōngzuò yě hěn hǎo a !nǐ xué le nàme duō běnshi ,shì shíhou yòng le 。
Yeah, a student's life is the happiest. But working is good too! You learned so many things, so it's time to use them.
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