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Polite Sucking Up

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ID: 4041 Upper Intermediate
客套话 are polite greetings, useful in many social situations. In this lesson, we teach you some great ways to suck up to your superiors as well as ways to speak to your juniors.
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久仰大名 jiǔyǎngdàmíng I have been looking forward to meeting you for a long time
不敢当 bù gǎndāng You flatter me
女中豪杰 nǚzhōngháojié heroine; a woman with great achievements
消遣 xiāoqiǎn to take the Mickey; to make fun of
Wáng zǒng !jiǔyǎngdàmíng 、jiǔyǎngdàmíng !
Mr Wang! I’ve been looking forward to meeting you!
ài ya !bùgǎndāng !chūcì jiànmiàn ,dàoshi méixiǎngdào Zhāng jīnglǐ zhème niánqīng ,zhēn shì nǚzhōngháojié 。
Ah, you flatter me. This is the first time we’ve met in person, and I have to say I didn’t expect you to be so young in person, Ms Zhang! You really are a talented young woman!
Wáng Zǒng bié xiāoqiǎn wǒ le !wǒ wánquán shì yǎngzhàng qiánbèi de táiài ,wǎnghòu yě yào qǐng Wáng Zǒng duōduō guānzhào 。
Please, don’t make sport of me, Mr Wang, it’s all due to cultivation of senior staff like you. I hope that you will continue to provide counsel to me in my future career.
wǒmen zhè lǎo yī bèi de ,hái děi yǐzhàng nǐmen niánqīngrén de gànjìnr gēn chuàngxīn ne !
It’s us old fogies that have to depend on the enthusiasm and creativity of you youngsters!
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