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Play Area for Kids

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ID: 2341 Intermediate
It's just another day on the playground. In this lesson, grandma takes her grandchild to the playground to play. Learn the words for slide, seesaw and more!
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儿童乐园 értóng lèyuán playground
huá to slide
滑梯 huátī slide
排队 páiduì to line up
értóng lèyuán dào le !bǎobao ,nǐ xiǎng xiān wán shénme ?
We've arrived at the play area! Sweetie, where do you want to go play first?
wǒ yào huá huátī 。
I want to go down the slide.
hǎo ,nàbiān yǒu hǎo jǐ gè xiǎopéngyou zài páiduì ,nǐ guòqù ba ,nǎinai zài zhèlǐ děng nǐ 。
Okay. There are a lot of little kids in line over there. You head over there. Grandma will wait for you here.
hǎo !nǎinai ,wǒ qù le !
Okay. Grandma, I'm going.
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