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Plane Ticket Name Mix-Up

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ID: 1887 Intermediate
In a country ruled by Chinese characters, those of us with names not composed of Chinese characters might run into a difficulty or two. One such dilemma is the classic "the name on your plane ticket doesn't match the name on your passport" error. Find out what you'll hear when it happens, as well as what you might be able to do about it in this Chinese lesson.
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护照 hùzhào passport
机票 jīpiào airplane ticket
登机 dēngjī to board a plane
规定 guīdìng regulation
xiānsheng ,nǐ hùzhào shàng de míngzi hé jīpiào shàng de míngzi bù yīyàng 。
Sir, the name in your passport and the name on your plane ticket are different.
ò 。jīpiào shàng de míngzi shì wǒ de jiǎnchēng ,dàjiā dōu jiào wǒ Rob .
Oh. The name on my plane ticket is my abbreviated name. Everyone calls me Rob.
hùzhào shàng de míngzi yào hé jīpiào shàng de míngzi yīyàng 。bù yīyàng bùnéng dēngjī ,zhè shì guīdìng 。
The name in your passport has to match the name on the ticket. If they don't match you can't board the plane. It's a regulation.
kěnéng shì wǒ de zhùlǐ dìngpiào shí nòng cuò le 。nà xiànzài zěnme bàn ?
It's possible that my secretary made a mistake when she was booking the ticket. So what should I do now?
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