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Pirates under attack!

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ID: 1305 Upper Intermediate
Errrrrr! We're off to Beijing - no, scratch that - we're off to the high seas for today's lesson. Hop on board, mateys, and enjoy a wild ride!
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瞭望手 liàowàngshǒu lookout
舰队 jiànduì fleet
武器 wǔqì weapon
pīn to go all out
chuánzhǎng ,liàowàngshǒu bàogào shuō fāxiàn le Wúdíhào jiànduì 。zhèng cháo wǒmen kāilái 。
Captain, the lookout said he’s spotted ‘The Invincible’ and her fleet. They’re coming right for us.
hēng !jiào dàhuǒr zhǔnbèi hǎo wǔqì ,zánmen gēn tā pīn le !zhuǎnduò !
Hmph! Tell the men to prepare the weapons. We're going all out! Turn the rudder!
shì !
chuánzhǎng !Wúdíhào dǎqí shuō ,ràng wǒmen tóuxiáng 。
Captain! ‘The Invincible’ has raised her flag. They want us to surrender.
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