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Picking Up Girls(下)

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ID: 3084 Upper Intermediate
Previous Lessons: Picking Up Girls (上) In this continuation of the story, the friend continues to give advice about picking up girls using The Thirty-Six Stratagems which is an old Chinese essay used to illustrate a series of stratagems used in politics, war, and civil interaction.
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恶心 ěxīn disgusting
自生自灭 zìshēngzìmiè to chart one's own destiny for better or worse
沮丧 jǔsàng dejected; depressed
计策 jìcè strategy
tíng tíng tíng !zhè tīngqǐlái zhēn shì tài ěxīn le . . . wǒ zài tì nǐ xiǎngxiang Sānshíliù jì zhōng ,háiyǒu nǎ yī jì yòng de shàng de ,ng4 ...
Stop! Stop! Stop! This really sounds quite disgusting... I'll try and think of any other of the Thirty-Six Stratagems that could be of use to you. Eh...
ō ...wǒ gānggāng chàng de jiù yǒu zhème ěxīn ma ?
Oh... Was my singing just now really that off-putting?
bié bié bié ,nǐ bié nánguò !zhè bùshì nǐ shēngyīn de wèntí ...jiùshì liǎn de wèntí ,hā hā hā !
Don't... Don't get upset! It's not a problem with your voice... it's a problem with your face, ha ha!
wū ...nǐ bùyòng guǎn wǒ le ,ràng wǒ zìshēngzìmiè ba !
Hmph... Don't worry about me, leave me to chart my own course for better or worse!
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