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ID: 2530 Intermediate
The mention of piano lessons conjures up very different childhood memories for everyone. For some, it was a happy time of music and fun, but for others it was a weekly scramble of last-minute practice and the teacher's censure. Listen in to Mingming's piano lesson and reminisce.
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车尔尼849 chēěrníbāsìjiǔ Czerny 849
练习曲 liànxíqǔ studies (etudes)
曲子 qǔzi song, tune
基础 jīchǔ foundation, base
míngming ,jīntiān wǒmen fùxí 《chēěrníbāsìjiǔ 》lǐ de liànxíqǔ 。
Mingming, today we are reviewing the "Czerny 849" studies.
lǎoshī ,zhège qǔzi tài nán le ,néngbùnéng liàn jiǎndān diǎnr de ?
Teacher, this song is too hard. Can we practice one that is a bit more simple?
zhège liànxíqǔ néng ràng nǐ dǎ hǎo jīchǔ ,gènghǎo de shìyìng chángshíjiān de yǎnzòu 。nǐ kāishǐ ba 。
This study can lay a good foundation for you and can help you to get more used to playing for longer times. Start.
nǐ tíng yī tíng ,dìyī duàn zhèlǐ ,shēngyīn yào jiànruò ,suǒyǐ shǒuzhǐ dòngzuò yào xiǎo yīdiǎnr 。nǐ chóngxīn tán 。
Stop. Here, in the first passage the sound needs to get gradually softer. So the movements of the fingers need to be smaller. Start over again.
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