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Patience for Doctors and Patients

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ID: 2407 Upper Intermediate
Violence between patients, their families and medical personnel have become a problem throughout China as the country continues to modernize its medical treatment facilities. Many Chinese people have high expectations of doctors and are unfamiliar with many medical practices. In addition, doctors often work in crowded conditions which makes it difficult to communicate with patients effectively. This lesson simulates a news broadcast investigating a violent clash between doctors and patients.
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去世 qùshì to pass away
导致 dǎozhì to result in
jiù with regard to
采访 cǎifǎng to interview
Lǐxiǎo de fùqīn gāng zhùyuàn wǔ tiān jiù tūrán qùshì le 。Lǐxiǎo yóuyú bù mǎnyì yīyuàn de jiěshì ,dǎ le yīshēng ,dǎozhì yī wèi yīshēng zuǒyǎn shīmíng 。wǒmen jiù zhè jiàn shì cǎifǎng le yīyuàn hé bìngrén jiāshǔ 。
Li Xiao's father recently spent five days in the hospital and suddenly passed away. Because of an unsatisfactory explanation by the hospital, Li Xiao attacked the doctors and blinded one doctor in his left eye. We interviewed the hospital and the patient's family about this incident.
Lǐxiǎo de fùqīn niánlíng dà le ,yòu ài hējiǔ ,shēntǐ bǐjiào chà 。tā tūrán qùshì ,wǒmen yě hěn nánshòu ,dàn yīshēng yǐjīng jìnlì le 。
Li Xiao's father was old. He also loved to drink and his health wasn't very good. We're also very upset that he died suddenly, but the doctors had already done everything they could.
Lǐxiǎo de fùqīn yǐqián shēntǐ yīzhí hěn hǎo 。tūrán qùshì ,yīyuàn méiyǒu shuō qīngchu yuányīn ,zhè ràng wǒmen zěnme jiēshòu 。Lǐxiǎo zhè cái dǎ le yīshēng ,tā yě hěn hòuhuǐ 。
Li Xiao's father's health was fine before. The hospital never gave a clear reason for why he died suddenly. How can we accept this? Li Xiao really regrets that this caused him to attack the doctors.
zhèyàng de yīhuàn jiūfēn ,yǐjīng bùshì dìyīcì le 。wǒmen cǎifǎng le wèishēngjú júzhǎng ,tā yě shífēn tòngxīn 。
This isn't the first time that this kind of dispute between doctors and patients has happened. We interviewed the Director of the Public Health Bureau and he was also deeply saddened.
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