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言下之意 yánxiàzhīyì implication
翻一番 fānyìfān to double
自给率 zìjǐlǜ self-sufficiency rate
广泛 guǎngfàn extensive
nián qián ,ZhōnghuáRénmínGònghéguó chénglì qiánxī ,Měiguó guówùqīng Àiqíxùn zài guānyú sòngchéng 《Měiguó yǔ Zhōngguó de guānxi 》báipíshū zhì zǒngtǒng dùlǔmén de xìn zhōng shuō :“jìndàishǐ shàng měi yīgē Zhōngguó zhèngfǔ bìxū miànlín de dìyī ge wèntí ,shì jiějué rénmín de chīfàn wèntí ,dào xiànzài wéizhǐ ,méiyǒu yīgē zhèngfǔ shì chénggōng de 。”
70 years ago, on the eve of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, US Secretary of State Acheson said in a letter to President Truman on the White Paper on the relationship between the United States and China: "The first problem that every Chinese government must face in modern history is solving the people’s food problems, no government has been successful so far.”
yánxiàzhīyì ,ZhōngguóGòngchǎndǎng yě bùnéng jiějué dāngshí yì Zhōngguórén de chīfàn wèntí 。
The implication is that the Chinese Communist Party cannot solve the problem of food for 500 million Chinese at that time.
ér jīntiān de Zhōngguó ,kěyǐ yǎnghuo yì rén 。
Today China is able to feed 1.4 billion people.
Zhōngguó wèishénme néng ?
Why can China do it?
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