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Part Time Work - 打工

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ID: 2693 Upper Intermediate
It's good getting a part time job. It teaches you about time management and you learn lots of life skills along the way. It also means you can make a little bit of money rather than rely on your parents all the time. Listen in as someone goes in for an interview for a part time job.
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应征 yìngzhēng to apply for a job
面谈 miàntán to talk in person; to interview
连锁餐厅 liánsuǒ cāntīng restaurant chain
三班制 sānbānzhì three shift system
huānyíng guānglín !
Good morning, sir!
nǐhǎo ,wǒ xiǎng yìngzhēng gōngdúshēng ,wǒ qiánliǎngtiān qíchē jīngguò ,kàndào nǐmen tiē le guǎnggào ,búguò xiànzài méi le bù zhīdào ...
Hello, I'd like to apply for a part time position. I passed by on my scooter the day before yesterday and saw you had posted a recruitment notice, but it has gone now. I don't know if...
méishì ,wǒmen hái méi zhǎodào rén ,nǐ qù nàbiān nà zhāng zhuōzi zuò yíxià ,wǒ yìhuǐr jiù lái 。
It's fine, we still haven't found anyone. Please take a seat by that table and I'll be back in a minute.
hǎo de hǎo de ,xièxie 。
OK, thanks.
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