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Part 2 人口与粮食:养活14亿人,中国为什么能?

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杂交稻 zájiāodào hybrid rice
预警 yùjǐng warning
资源 zīyuán natural resource (such as water or minerals)
zájiāodào bǐ chángguī dào zēngchǎn zuǒyòu ,měinián zēngchǎn de liángshi kě yǎnghuo wàn rén 。
Production from hybrid rice is about 20% higher compared with conventional rice, and the annual increase in grain production can feed 70 million people.
yóuyú kējì de jìnbù ,Zhōngguó liángshi dānwèi miànjī chǎnliàng shì nián de bèi 。
Due to advances in science and technology, the output per unit area of China's grain is five times that of 1949.
Zhōngguó jìhuà zài nián jiànchéng xiàndài qìxiàng wèinóngfúwǔ tǐxì ,kě xiàng yǐshàng de gōngzhòng tígōng yùjǐng xìnxī , nián ,nóngcūn yònghù duìyú qìxiàng fúwù mǎnyìdù dádào fēn 。
China plans to build a modern meteorological service system in 2022, which will provide early warning information to more than 95% of the public. In 2018, rural users' satisfaction with meteorological services reached 91.4 points.
Zhōngguó jiāng zài nián jiànchéng yì mǔ gāobiāozhǔn nóngtián ,gèngjiā gāochǎn ,bìng kě jiǎnshǎo yòngshuǐ 、huàféi hé nóngyào 。
China will build 800 million acres of high-standard farmland in 2020, which will be more productive and reduce water, fertilizer and pesticides.
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