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ID: 0863 Upper Intermediate
ABC, CBC, BBC... no they are not TV networks, they are the bridge in the cultural gap, the players on both teams, the understanders of both worlds, closet holders of two passports... they are the overseas Chinese. Whether you're a banana or an egg, listen to this podcast and learn what life is like for our Chinese/Western friends and neighbors.
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表弟 biǎodì younger male cousin
沟通 gōutōng to communicate
芝加哥 Zhījiāgē Chicago
亲戚 qīnqi relatives
nǐ de Měiguó biǎodì zěnmeyàng ?
How is your American cousin?
tèbié yǒu yìsi de yī ge rén ,jiùshì méi bànfǎ gōutōng 。
He is a very interesting individual, but there is no way of communicating.
tā bù huì shuō Zhōngwén ?
He doesn't speak Chinese?
huì shì huì yīdiǎn ,dōu shì xiē bǐjiào jiǎndān de jùzi 。tā zài Zhījiāgē chūshēng ,yīzhí dōu méi huílai guo 。zhè shì tā dì yī cì huíguó 。jiàndào nàme duō qīnqi ,rén dōu yūn le 。
He can a little bit--all just relatively basic phrases. He was born in Chicago, and had never come here. This is his first time to China. He's met so many relatives, it was overwhelming for him.
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