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Outdoor Survivors (Part 1)

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ID: 1439 Upper Intermediate
Sometimes you just need to get out of the city. In today's lesson, a couple plans a weekend camping trip, which ends up getting a little more complicated than expected. We hope you packed provisions! This might be a longer trip than originally thought...
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洗漱用品 xǐshù yòngpǐn toiletries
指南针 zhǐnánzhēn compass
帐篷 zhàngpeng tent
驴友 lǘyǒu traveler
lǎopó ,dōngxi dōu dài hǎo le ma ?
Honey, did you bring everything?
ràng wǒ kàn kan ,ng4 ,xǐshù yòngpǐn 、yīfu 、huàzhuāngpǐn ......dōu zhǔnbèi hǎo le ,bùguò nǐ dài zhǐnánzhēn hé zhàngpeng gàn shénme ?wǒmen bùshì qù lǚyóu ma ?
Let me have a look. Yeah, toiletries, clothes, makeup...everything's ready. But why did you bring a compass and a tent? Aren't we going on a tour?
shì lǚyóu a ,bùguò wǒ bàomíng cānjiā le yī ge yóu lǘyǒu zǔzhī de yěwài shēngcún huódòng 。
It is a tour, but I signed us up to participate in an outdoor survival activity set up for travelers.
à ,guàibude ,wǒ xiǎng yībān de lǚyóu yě bùhuì dài tóudēng 、shuìdài háiyǒu Ruìshì jūndāo shénme de 。nǐ gànmá bù tíqián gēn wǒ shuō yīxià ?wǒ hǎo yǒu ge zhǔnbèi 。
Oh, no wonder. I didn't think most tourists would take a headlamp, sleeping bag and Swiss Army knife. Why didn't you tell me in advance? I could have gotten ready.
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