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Organic Food Shopping

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ID: 3004 Upper Intermediate
Listen to a dialogue about shopping in an organic supermarket for vegetables. Are they more nutritious, or tastier?
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采购 cǎigòu procurement; shopping
有机 yǒujī organic
食材 shícái ingredients
话说回来 huàshuōhuílai that said; nevertheless
jiànmín ,nǐ gāng qù dà cǎigòu ā ,tí zhème yī dà dài 。
Jianmin, I see from the big bag that you're carrying that you've gone on a shopping spree.
wǒ gānggāng cóng yǒujī chāoshì mǎi le zhōumò wǎncān pàiduì de shícái ,wǒ shàng gè lǐbài jiù yāoqǐng nǐ le ,bié wàng le !
I just came from the organic supermarket to buy the ingredients for the dinner party at the weekend. I invited you last week, don't forget!
jìde 、jìde ,huàshuōhuílai ,yǒujī chāoshì ?nǐ shénme shíhou yě chéng le ”yǒujī yīzú ”le ?
I remember, I remember. Talking of that, organic supermarket? When did you become an organic food fan?
shuōlai hǎoxiào ,wǒ běnlái yīdiǎn dōu bù xiāngxìn yǒujī ,bùguò zìcóng wǒ nǚpéngyou dàlì xuānyáng yǒujī de hǎochu hòu ,wǒ jiù bèi xǐnǎo le ,xiànzài dōu jǐnliàng chī yǒujī shípǐn 。
It's a little funny. I didn't really believe in organic food originally. However, since my girlfriend starting selling me on the advantages of organic food, I've been brainwashed. Now I try to eat organic as much as possible.
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