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Ordering Pizza Over the Phone

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ID: 3011 Intermediate
Today you'll learn how to order a pizza over the telephone. This language is super useful when you're hungry and wanting some junk food. Image from Pixabay
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外送 wàisòng delivery
服务 fúwù service
招牌 zhāopái signature moves
口味 kǒuwèi flavour
nǐhǎo ,qǐngwèn shì bǐsà diàn ma ?wǒ xūyào yī fèn bǐsà wàisòng 。
Hello, is this the pizza shop? I need a pizza delivered.
shì de ,zhèlǐ shì Xiǎo Míng bǐsà diàn ,hěn gāoxìng wèinínfúwù ,qǐngwèn nín xūyào diǎnr shénme ?
Yes. This is Xiaoming Pizza, happy to be of service. What can I get you?
wǒ yào yī fèn bǐsà ,nǐmen diàn lǐ yǒu nǎxiē zhāopái kǒuwèi 。
I want a pizza, what kinds of signature pizza does your shop have?
yǒu sān gè ,yīzhǒng shì hǎixiān xiànr de ;yīzhǒng shì zhīshì mógu xiànr de ;háiyǒu yīzhǒng shì xiāngcháng xiànr de 。
There are three. One is seafood, the other is cheese and mushroom and the third is sausage.
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