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Opening a Meeting

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ID: 0374 Upper Intermediate
You’re going places, which is why you’re using ChinesePod. So, it shouldn’t surprise anyone to know that at some point you might be meeting with local government officials and kicking it off with a speech in Mandarin Chinese. ChinesePod has made many of these speeches (we too, are going places), and doesn’t mind sharing in this podcast on how to open a meeting.
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尊敬 zūnjìng respected
来宾 láibīn guest
荣幸 róngxìng honored
悠久 yōujiǔ long
zūnjìng de gèwèi lǐngdǎo 、láibīn ,dàjiā hǎo !
Greetings to each of our esteemed leaders and guests!
jīntiān ,wǒ fēicháng róngxìng néng láidào zhèlǐ 。wǒ fēicháng xǐhuan Zhōngguó ,zhèlǐ de fēngjǐng měilì 、rénmín yě hěn hàokè 。
I am very honored to be here today. I am very fond of China. The scenery here is beautiful, and the people are very hospitable.
Zhōngguó yǒu lìshǐ yōujiǔ de wénmíng hé cànlàn de wénhuà ,érqiě jìnjǐnián de fāzhǎn yě ràngrén jīngtàn 。
Chinese civilization has a long history and a magnificent culture. Even so, the development of the past few years has really stunned people.
měicì lái ,wǒ dōu néng fāxiàn xǔduō biànhuà ,bùguǎn zài jīngjì 、fúwù háishì chéngshì jiànshè lǐngyù ,guìguó de jìnbù dōu ràngrén pèifu 。
Every time I come here, I discover many changes. Regardless of what aspect—the economy, the service, or urban construction—your country’s progress is laudable.
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