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Online Shopping 网上购物

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ID: 4135 Intermediate
Online shopping is very popular nowadays. It is very convenient since people don't even have to step out of their house. However, the quality of the products is sometimes not guaranteed. Let's see how is the experience of online shopping this time. 现在,网上购物非常流行。人们根本都不需要踏出家门就可以购物了,十分方便。可是,产品的质量有时候会得不到保证。我们一起来看看这次网上购物的经历吧。 現在,網上購物非常流行。人們根本都不需要踏出家門就可以購物了,十分方便。可是,產品的質量有時候會得不到保證。我們一起來看看這次網上購物的經歷吧。
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给力 gěilì cool; nifty; awesome
质量 zhìliàng quality; (physics) mass
地雷 dìléi landmine
严重 yánzhòng grave; serious; severe
wǒ zuótiān zài wǎngshàng mǎi le yī ge zhēnpí de bāo ,cái liǎngbǎi kuài qián érqiě hái bāoyóu ,zhēn huásuàn ,jīntiān yīzǎo jiù sòngdào wǒ jiā le 。
I purchased a genuine leather bag online yesterday. It only costs 200 Yuan and includes shipping. It is a good deal. It was delivered to me this morning.
zhēnde ma ?zhè kuàidì sùdù zhēn gěilì 。nà bāobāo zhìliàng zěnmeyàng ?
Really? The delivery speed is awesome. How is the quality of the bag?
hái tǐng búcuò ,pízi shǒugǎn hěn hǎo ,yàngzi yě hé túpiàn yīmóyīyàng ,méiyǒu sèchā 。
Pretty good. The leather feels comfortable. The real thing and picture look exactly the same. There is no difference in the color.
zhēn hǎo ,shàngcì wǒ zài wǎngshàng mǎi le yī tiáo qúnzi ,cǎi le ge dìléi 。
That is good. The last time I purchased a dress online. Unfortunately, it was not a good experience.
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