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ID: 0835 Upper Intermediate
Having enough stores to service 1.3 billion people is one thing, having same 1.3 billion people crammed in a frenzied mall on a Saturday afternoon leads to other logistical challenges. Solution? Whether you want to buy a used wedding dress, a kidney, or Britney's gum for $263 American dollars, learn how to shop online in Mandarin. In this podcast, buy low sell high and enjoy the quietude of Chinese internet shopping.
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正品 zhèngpǐn certified goods
水货 shuǐhuò smuggled goods
放一百个心 fàng yībǎi ge xīn to completely relax
好评 hǎopíng positive feedback
wéi ,wǒ xiǎng wèn yīxià líng sān sì qī èr zhàoxiàngjī shì zhèngpǐn háishi shuǐhuò ?
Hello. I want to ask about camera number 03472. Did this go through the proper channels, or is it black market?
dōu yǒu 。nǐ yǐqián zài wǒ diàn lǐ mǎi guo dōngxi ma ?
We have both. Have you bought anything from our store before?
wǒ cónglái méi zài wǎngshàng mǎi guo dōngxi 。lǎoshi shuō ,yǒudiǎnr5 dānxīn 。
I have never bought anything online before. To tell the truth, I'm a bit worried.
nǐ fàng yībǎi ge xīn ,wǒ zuò le wǔ qiān duō bǐ shēngyi ,hǎopíng lǜ jīhū bǎifēnzhībǎi ,méiyǒu tóusù 。
Don't worry at all. I have done over 5,000 transactions. My positive feedback is almost 100 percent, with no complaints.
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