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Online Group Shopping

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ID: 2805 Intermediate
Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Singles Day in China are now huge shopping events. It is particularly common in The East to group together with friends or co-workers to bulk-buy certain products online and get a better price. Tune in and learn all about it.
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双11 shuāngshíyī Singles' Day (Nov. 11 sales for single people to treat themselves - Nov. 11 in numbers looks like four single people)
gǎo to hold; to do
活动 huódòng a promotion
点击 diǎnjī to click (on a computer)
ēi ,shuāng shí yī kuài dào la ,Táobǎo 、tiānmāo 、jīngdōng dōu zài gǎohuódòng la !yào bù yào yīqǐ lái tuángòu ā !
Hey, it's almost Singles' Day, so Taobao, Tmall and Jingdong Mall are all holding promotions! Do you want to group buy with me?
ā ,wǒ shì “gǔdài rén ”,cónglái méi tuángòu guò ,yào zěnme tuán ā ?
Ah, I'm a bit of a dinosaur. I've never done group buying before, how do you form a group?
zhè ge jiǎndān ,dìyīzhǒng zuì fāngbiàn de ,jiùshì diǎnjī wǎngshàng shāngchéng de tuángòu yèmiàn ,zhíjiē cānyù shāngjiā tuángòu 。
That's the simple bit. The most convenient way, is to navigate to the group buying page of the online store, that way you can group buy directly from the merchant.
tīng qǐlai hǎoxiàng hěn róngyì ,wǒ kěyǐ shìshi kàn ,háiyǒu biéde ma ?
It sounds very easy, I can give it a try. What else is there?
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