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ID: 2658 Elementary

Bridge Lesson: Ele>Int Sometimes companies or events release a product or some tickets online for a limited time only. During those few minutes you have to be logged on and ready to buy otherwise you'll be bitterly disappointed. Listen as two friends try and place bids to get the thing they've been wanting for ages.

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开卖 kāi mài to begin a sale
连上 liánshàng to be connected
当然 dāngrán of course
compared to
kuài diǎn 、kuài diǎn ,shí èr diǎn kāi mài ,diànnǎo liánshàngxiàn le ma ?
Hurry, hurry, the sale starts at 12, is the computer connected to the internet?
dāngrán liánshàng le ,wǒ bǐ nǐ hái xiǎng mǎi dào ā !
Of course it is connected, I'm more keen to buy than you!
wǒ shànggelǐbài tízǎo shí wǔ fēnzhōng liánxiàn ,jiù yǐjīng shàngbuqù le 。
Last week I tried to go online fifteen minutes in advance, but couldn't get on even then.
hái hǎo wǒ tízǎo le yí ge xiǎoshí 。
Lucky I went online an hour in advance.
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