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Old School Toys

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ID: 0604 Upper Intermediate
Though transformers are the flavor of the month, some of us puritans yearn for the simpler days of 'Mother May I' and 'Red Rover.' In this podcast, take a step back in time in China and find out what the kids were up to over here while you were busy playing with your cabbage patch kids and hot wheels. Learn in Mandarin Chinese about what toys the kids from the other side of the block fancied back in the day.
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玩具 wánjù toy
to tire of
积木 jīmù wooden block
打弹子 dǎ dànzǐ to play marbles
xiànzài de wánjù suīrán zuò de hǎo ,bùguò juéduì méiyǒu wǒ xiǎoshíhou de hǎowán 。
Toys these days may be well made, but they're definitely not as fun as the ones from my childhood.
zěnme kěnéng ?nǐ nàshíhou méi shénme wánjù ba ?
How's that possible? You didn't have any toys back then, right?
zhè nǐ jiù bù dǒng le 。wǒ xiǎoshíhou de wánjù suīrán jiǎndān ,dàn zěnme yě wán bù nì 。bǐrú jīmù ,dànzǐ ,shādài ,háiyǒu jiànzi 。yī fàngxué ,jiù hé yīdàduī tóngxué wéi zài yīqǐ wán 。āi ,kěxī le ,xiànzài zhèxiē dōu chéng lǎogǔdǒng le ,méirén wán le 。
Ah, you don't understand. The toys from my childhood were simple, but we never got tired of them. For example, wooden blocks, marbles, bean bags, and ``foot shuttlecocks." As soon as I got out of school, I'd get together with a big group of classmates to play. Ah, what a shame... these are all so outdated now, no one plays with them.
nǐ shuō de dōu shì nánháizi de wánjù ba 。nàshíhou nǚháizi dōu wán xiē shénme ?
The ones you mentioned were all toys for boys. What did the girls play with back then?
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