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Obsession with mobile games 沉迷游戏──不能自拔

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ID: 4147 Media
In recent years, WHO has included addiction to mobile games to the list of mental illness. In China, children who are addicted to playing video games sometimes forget to eat and sleep. Despite the impact on their studies, physical and mental health, they continue to be addicted to the world of video games. The Chinese idiom means to be extremely addicted to something to an extent that you are unable to extricate yourself from it. This lesson teaches the following HSK vocabulary 诱惑(6) 羡慕(4), 引导(6)寄托(6) 近年,世界卫生组织已经将游戏成瘾列入精神疾病。在中国,孩子玩手机游戏瘾非常大,有时玩在兴头上连吃饭、睡觉都给忘了,除了荒废学业,沉迷网络影响孩子身心健康,却还是沉迷在游戏的世界里。主题用了不能自拔,意思是指陷进很深的境地;难以使自己从中解脱出来。 HSK词汇 诱惑(6) 羡慕(4) 引导(6)寄托(6)
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沉迷 chénmí to be engrossed; to be absorbed with; to lose oneself in
乱象 luànxiàng chaos
几乎 jīhū almost; nearly; practically
不能自拔 bùnéngzìbá unable to extricate
rúhé ràng háizi fàngxià shǒujī yóuxì ——qīngshàonián chénmí Wǎngluò yóuxì luànxiàng yǔ yùfáng cuòshī diàochá
How to get children not to indulge in mobile games - problems and chaos with teenage indulgence in mobile games and a survey on preventive measures.
háizi wán shǒujī yóuxì yǐn fēicháng dà ,kòngyú shíjiān jīhū líbukāi shǒujī ,yǐqián chéngjì néng pái zài bānjí qián shí ,qiánzhènzǐ dōu yǐjīng bānjí dàoshǔ dìyī 。”
“My child is addicted to mobile games and is practically inseparable from his phone during his spare time. He used to be top ten in class but recently he is last in class”.
yǎnkàn zìjǐ de háizi wángqiáng (huàmíng )míngnián jiùyào gāokǎo le ,què hái xiàn zài yóuxì de shìjiè lǐ bùnéngzìbá Nánjīng shìmín Gōng nǚshì yuèláiyuè jiāoxīn
A Nanjing resident Ms. Gong is becoming more and more anxious as her son (Wang Qiang, a pseudonym) continues to indulge in mobile games even though he has a college entrance examination to prepare for next year.
suízhe zhìnéngshǒujī 、4G Wǎngluò de pǔjí ,chīmí shǒujī yóuxì de yuèláiyuè duō ,yǒuxiē háizi yīncǐ yànxué ,shènzhì chuòxué ,yánzhòng yǐngxiǎng le jiàoxué zhìliàng 。
With the popularity and availability of smart phones and 4G networks, more and more children are addicted to mobile games. Some children start to dislike learning and have even dropped out of school. This has seriously affected the quality of teaching.
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