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O2O bookstores 书香四溢──实体书店

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ID: 4165 Advanced
Many of us still like to shop and browse for books at brick and mortar bookstores. This lesson is a dialogue between a scholar from ancient China and an avid book lover today. Learn useful vocabulary and phrases as they discuss how brick and mortar bookstores (实体书店) have changed over the years. 中国人常说“开卷有益”,即打开书本就是有益处的。可是打开书会有什么好处呢?是会闻到书香,还是会见到黄金,甚至遇见美人呢?来听听这一课,看看在古代人的观念里,读书有什么好处吧! 注意对话中两个人说话方式的不同(一个文邹邹的”古人”, “书虫”;一个现代人) HSK 4 -重新 当时 座位 其中 条件 HSK 5-居然 黄金 艰苦 HSK 6 -津津有味 倒闭 角落 开辟 在意
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别来无恙 biéláiwúyàng (literary) I trust you have been well since we last met
居然 jūrán unexpectedly; to one's surprise; go so far as to
不景气 bùjǐngqì slack
倒闭 dǎobì to go bankrupt
rénxiōng ,xǔjiǔ bùjiàn ,biéláiwúyàng ya !
Dear friend, I haven't seen you for a long time, I trust you have been well!
zhème qiǎo ,nǐ yě lái guàng shūdiàn ya ?
What a coincidence, are you shopping at the bookstore too?
wǒ yǐwéi zhè jiā diàn zǎojiù guānmén le ,jīntiān lùguò ,fāxiàn jūrán kāi zhe ,jiù jìnlái zhuànzhuan 。
I thought that this store has been closed for a long time. I passed by today and found it’s still open for business and came in to browse.
qián xiē nián zhè jiā shēngyì yīzhí bùjǐngqì ,chàdiǎn dǎobì ,kě zuìjìn lǎozìhào yòu chóngxīn kāizhāng la 。
A few years ago the business of this store wasn’t good and almost went bankrupt. But recently shops with established reputations have reopened.
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