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ID: 2094 Upper Intermediate
In China, waiters don't get tips. Zip. Nada. Zilch. Of course, there's no way that can fly in the US where tipping is ubiquitous. In this lesson, two Chinese friends discuss American tipping culture and how it relates to Chinese customs.
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被宰 bèi zǎi to be ripped off
小费 xiǎofèi tip
大方 dàfang generous
小气鬼 xiǎoqìguǐ cheapskate
Xiǎo Zhāng ,nǐ Měiguó wán de zěnmeyàng ?yǒu shénme yǒuqù de shì ?
Xiao Zhang, how were your travels in America? Do you have any interesting stories?
hěn bùcuò ,gēn Zhōngguó hěn bù yīyàng 。bùguò wǒ zhècì yě zāi le yī huí 。
It was great! It's completely different from China. However, this time I embarrassed myself a bit.
zěnmele ?bèi zǎi le ?
What happened? Were you ripped off?
bùshì ,shì xiǎofèi de shìqing 。wǒ jìde nǐ shuō guo ,zài Měiguó jiēshòu biérén de fúwù jiù yào fù xiǎofèi 。suǒyǐ wǒ chùchù xiǎoxīn ,shíkè zhǔnbèi zhe qián 。jiéguǒ zuìhòu zài jīchǎng ,rénjiā bāng wǒ ná le yīxià xíngli 。wǒ què zhènghǎo méi língqián le ,zhǐnéng gěi le yī zhāng èrshí měiyuán !
No. It's something to do with tips. I remember you said that in America if someone provides you with service you need to tip. So I was very careful, and always had a bit of money prepared. In the end, I was at the airport and someone helped me carry my bags. However, I didn't have any change. I could only give him a 20 dollar bill!
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