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Nirvana In Fire 琅琊榜

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ID: 2806 Upper Intermediate
Learn all about the extremely popular television series, Nirvana in Fire. Some say it's the Chinese Game of Thrones or Count of Monte Cristo. Let us know if you've seen it and what you think. Photo Credit: Wikipedia
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难不成 nánbùchéng can it be
肯定 kěndìng certainly
狂人 kuángrén crazy person
编剧 biānjù scriptwriter
zhōngyú kàn wán le ,zhuī jù zhuī de hǎo xīnkǔ ā !
You finally finished watching, you really go all out when following a series!
shénme kàn wán le ā ,nánbùchéng nǐ yě zài kàn 《lángyábāng 》?
What do you mean I've finished? You don't watch Nirvana in Fire too do you?
shì a ,zhème rèmén de diànshìjù xiànzài hái yǒurén méi kàn de ma ?yī kàn nǐ yě shì gè zhuī jù kuángrén ,zěnmeyàng ,《lángyábāng 》nǐ kěndìng yě kàn le ba 。
Yes, is there anyone who is not watching such a popular television series? As soon as I found out that you followed TV dramas too, I thought, you must have seen Nirvana in Fire too.
méicuò ,wǒ yě gānggāng bǎ zhè bù diànshìjù gěi kàn wán 。shuōzhēnde ,cóng biānjù 、yǎnyuán 、chǎngjǐng gèfāngmiàn láishuō ,zhè dōu shì yī bù liángxīn zhī zuò 。
Yes, I have just finished watching this series. To tell the truth, in terms of the script, the acting and the scenery, it was an all-round great piece of work.
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