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New Year's Eve Family Dinner

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ID: 2836 Upper Intermediate
  年夜饭 Nián yèfàn is the large family dinner that kick-starts the festive season. It happens the night before the start of the Chinese New Year (Spring Festival). In this lesson we learn about some of the foods eaten at this time, some traditions, and also how some people like to eat out instead of going home.
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居然 jūrán unexpectedly
如今 rújīn nowadays
年味儿 niánwèir5 Chinese New Year festivities
激动 jīdòng stirred up; excited
tiān !zài guò yī ge duō yuè jūrán yòu yào guònián le yòu lǎo le yī suì lo 。
Gosh! After just one more month another year will be gone and I'll be another year older.
shéi shuō bùshì ne !kě rújīn de niánwèir5 shì yuèláiyuè dàn le ,bù xiàng xiǎo shíhou ,yī dào guònián jiù jīdòng xīngfèn de bùdeliǎo !
Tell me about it! But there's less and less of a festive atmosphere nowadays, unlike when I was younger, when as soon as it got to Chinese New Year it was really exciting!
shì a ,xiǎo shíhou píngshí chībudào de hǎo dōngxi dōu néng zài guònián shí yī bǎo kǒufú 。jiājiāhùhù yī zǎo jiù kāishǐ zhāngluó niányèfàn le ,kě rènao le 。
Yeah, when we were little, around Chinese New Year you could eat your fill of all the good things that you normally couldn't eat. Every house started preparing Chinese New Year's dinner from early in the morning, it was so lively.
quèshí ,yī xiǎngdào guònián jiù huì xiǎngdào chī niányèfàn ,quánjiā lǎo shǎo wéi zuò zài yīqǐ chī tuányuánfàn ,rèrenaonao ,hélè róng róng 。
Indeed, as soon as I think of Chinese New Year I think of Chinese New Year dinner, with the whole family from the eldest to the youngest gathered around for a meal, such a buzz with everyone having fun together.
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