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New E-commerce rules in China 有章可循-代购电商法实施

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你听说过“代购”吗?代购现在在中国乃至亚洲都很流行,一方面,一些产品在中国国内很难买到,或者价格过于昂贵;另一方面,出于对国内假冒伪劣品的担忧,他们更喜欢来自国外的安全产品。这课的HSK词汇包括 明确 (5)从事 (5)意味着 (6)约束 (6)范畴 (6)典型 (6)担保 (6)框架 (6) Have you heard of 代购?It’s very popular in Asia especially China where consumers want to buy products not available in China, are more expensive even if they’re available or they don’t feel secure to buy the same products in China due to counterfeit/safety issues. The idiom 有章可循 means these types of buy and sell activities will henceforth have rules to follow.
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人肉 rénròu human
明确 míngquè clear-cut; definite; explicit
从事 cóngshì to go for; to engage in; to undertake
意味着 yìwèizhe to signify; to mean; to imply
diànshāngfǎ shíshī ,péngyou quānlǐ de dàigòu men shì zǒu háishi liú
With new E-commerce laws implementation, should friends in Moments continue to shop on behalf or stop? Note 朋友圈 refers to a social group called Moments in Wechat (the latter is a Chinese messaging, social media and mobile payment app developed by Tencent).
cóng yī yuè yī rìqǐ ,《ZhōnghuáRénmínGònghéguó diànzǐshāngwùfǎ 》(yǐxià jiǎnchēng diànshāngfǎ )zhèngshì shíshī ,yǐwǎng kào “rénròu ”tōngguān dàihuò de wēishāng dōu jiāng chéngwéi diànshāng jīngyíngzhě zhōng de yīyuán xūyào bànlǐ Shìchǎngzhǔtǐ dēngjì ,lu:3xíng nàshuì yìwù 。
From January 1st, the People's Republic of China Electronic Commerce Law (hereinafter referred to as the E-commerce Law) is officially implemented. In the past, the micro-businesses that have relied on people to carry goods and clear customs will come under e-commerce operators and they have to register as market entities and fulfill their tax obligations.
diàn shāngfǎ guīdìng ,diànzǐshāngwù jīngyíngzhě yīngdāng yīfǎbànlǐ Shìchǎngzhǔtǐ dēngjì ,yīfǎ lu:3xíng nàshuì yìwù 。diàn shāngfǎ hái míngquè le diànzǐshāngwù jīngyíngzhě de dìngyì ,jí tōngguò Hùliánwǎng děng xìnxīwǎngluò cóngshì xiāoshòu shāngpǐn huòzhě tígōng fúwù de jīngyíng huódòng de zìránrén 、
The E-commerce Law stipulates that e-commerce operators should register market entities in accordance with the law and fulfill their tax obligations in accordance with the law. The e-commerce law also clarifies the definition of e-commerce operators, that is, natural persons who engage in sales activities or provide services through information networks such as the Internet.
fǎrén hé fēifǎrén zǔzhī ,bāokuò diànzǐshāngwù píngtái jīngyíngzhě 、píngtái nèi jīngyíngzhě yǐjí tōngguò zìjiànwǎngzhàn 、qítā wǎngluòfúwù xiāoshòu shāngpǐn huòzhě tígōng fúwù de diànzǐshāngwù jīngyíngzhě 。
Corporate and unincorporated organizations, including e-commerce platform operators, operators within the platform, and e-commerce operators who sell goods or provide services through self-built websites and other online services.
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