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Negotiating a Deadline

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ID: 1478 Upper Intermediate
So you're working in a Chinese company, and your boss is really piling on the work, with unrealistic deadlines. What are you going to do? In today's lesson, we see how a conscientious translator is able to skillfully talk her manager into extending the deadline. (Yeah, acquiring this skill is going to take some practice!)
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引进 yǐnjìn to introduce from elsewhere
生产线 shēngchǎnxiàn production line
说明书 shuōmíngshū instruction manual
翻译 fānyì to translate
Xiǎo Shī ,zuìjìn gōngsī cóng guówài yǐnjìn le yī pī shēngchǎnxiàn ,yǒu yīxiē chǎnpǐn shuōmíngshū xūyào nǐ fānyì yīxià 。nǐ kàn ,jīntiān xiàbān qián wánchéng méi wèntí ba ?
Xiao Shi, recently the company has brought a group of new production lines. There are some instruction manuals you'll need to translate. Do you think you'll be able to finish this before the workday is over?
jīnglǐ ,wǒ xiǎng wèn yīxià yǒu duōshao nèiróng xūyào fānyì 。
Sir, may I ask how much content will need translating?
dàgài yīwàn duō zì 。
About 10,000 characters.
nàme duō !jīnglǐ ,wǒ juéde jīntiān kěndìng zuòbuwán ,wǒ shǒushang háiyǒu qítā de fānyì gōngzuò yào zuò ne 。
That much! Sir, I don't think there's any way it can be finished today. I still have a lot of other translation work I have to do today.
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