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My Imaginary Boyfriend's Taken

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ID: 2755 Upper Intermediate
I'm sure we all have imaginary celebrity boyfriends or girlfriends. Well, at least I do... and you can't help but be a little low when you realise that they are taken. Tune in to a heart broken fan when they find out their celebrity crush has a new girlfriend.
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艺人 yìrén celebrity; artist
chuán to broadcast
经纪公司 jīngjì gōngsī agency (for models, actors etc)
澄清 chéngqīng to clarify
qiánjǐtiān wǒ zuìài de nán yìrén chuánchū fěiwén ,wǒ yǐwéi wǒ shīliàn le 。
Rumors of romantic triste surrounding my favorite celebrity surfaced a few days ago, I felt like I'd fallen out of love.
wǒ hǎoxiàng kàndào le nà zé xīnwén ,shì zhēn de ma ?
I think I saw that on the news, did it really happen?
hòulái jīngjì gōngsī chūlái chéngqīng ,shì jiǎde ,zhēn shì hèsǐ yī piào fěnsī 。
Later his agency clarified that it was false. It was a real scare for his fans.
shìma ?shuōbudìng tāmen zhēnde yǒuyītuǐ ,zhǐshì jīngjì gōngsī shuōhuǎng ,fǎnzhèng yíngguāngmù qián ,zhēnzhēnjiǎjiǎ shéizhīdào 。
Really? Maybe they really did have sex, but the agency is lying about it, as when it comes to television no one really knows what is true and what is false.
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