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My boss is younger than me 打破论资排辈──上司比我年轻

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ID: 4149 Upper Intermediate
Have you experienced working for someone younger than you or managed subordinates older than you? In today’s times with talent becoming younger, the challenges of promoting or assigning roles not based on traditional seniority (论资排辈) are becoming commonplace in the workplace. Begin this lesson to find out more and learn HSK vocabulary as follows. 资深(6) 岗位 (6) 沧桑(6) 协调(5) 领域(5) 委屈(5) 你遇到过比自己年轻的上司吗?或者,你有过比自己年长的下属吗?如今,年轻一代人才辈出,开始挑战“论资排辈”的职场生态,这样“年龄倒挂”的职场困境该怎么破? 这一课中除了学习以下HSK词汇,我们还将学习一种修辞:暗喻。“牵着鼻子走”这个俗语就是形容人听命于别人,如同牛被人牵着鼻子一样。 资深(6) 岗位 (6) 沧桑(6) 协调(5) 领域(5) 委屈(5)
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沧桑 cāngsāng great changes, vicissitudes
协调 xiétiáo to coordinate; to harmonize; to fit together
岗位 gǎngwèi a post
领域 lǐngyù domain; sphere; field
nǐ jīntiān zěnme nàme wǎn cái xiàbān ya ?
Why are you off from work so late today?
bié shuō le ,dōu lín xiàbān le ,wǒ xīnlái de lǐngdǎo yòu gěi wǒ ānpái le gōngzuò 。
Don't talk about it, as I was about to leave, my new boss again arranged work for me.
zhè shì nǐ zhè zhōu dì jǐcì jiābān le ya ?
How many times this week have you done overtime?
shǔ dōu shǔ bùqīng le ,xīnguānshàngrènsānbǎhuǒ ,tā niánjì qīngqīng ,què xióngxīnbóbó ,jiù lián wǒ zhè ge “bǎojīng cāngsāng ”de lǎo yuángōng ,yě hěn nán xiétiáo hǎo shíjiān ne 。
Countless times, the new boss is young and ambitious who wants to accomplish major achievements. Even an experienced worker like myself with vicissitudes of life find it hard to adapt and adjust to the time.
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